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This site has been designed with the eco-conscious shopper in mind. We specifically talk about labor saving devices that are compatible with our planet. The motivation to start this site is our ongoing interest in sustainability. We want to help to maintain 21st century living standards without destroying the 21st century in the process. For that reason we have started a web resource on some of the most important appliance and utility discoveries that will shape and alter our consumer choices.

There is so much interest, especially in North America and Europe but also throughout the world, in developing technologies that will do our 'dirty' jobs faster, cheaper, and -- most critically -- less dirtily. That's why we've seen the movements that we have seen over the past several decades to find new ways to live and to challenge our fellow men, women, children and businesses to live in this eco-friendly spirit.

Waterless WAshing Machine will keep you updated on everything you need to know to stay clean while keeping our planet clean.


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